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Deer Creek Herb Farm
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Welcome to Deer Creek Herb Farm
We are a family owned business located on the Berks/Lancaster County border, 1 mile North of Adamstown. Each Spring and Summer, at the Farm, we offer over 400 varieties of potted herbs, perennials and shade plants including over 100 varieties of Hosta. We use organic potting soil and fertilizer when growing our plants. Many herb plants are available for shipping. Click on "Store". 

During the summer months, we grow, harvest and dry herbs and flowers for crafting, creating beautiful wreaths, swags and centerpieces. We gladly accept custom orders for dried arrangements or wreaths. 
Your vast knowledge about all types of herbs was amazing!  Your farm is so beautiful I want to visit and never leave!

         - Linda H.
Deer Creek Herb Farm ® 3721 Deer Creek Rd.Reading,PA 19608

Due to personal reasons, we will not be opening this Spring, 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience. If anything changes in the future, we will post it here.
Thank you, Kathy and Jess.

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For the lowest plant price and a greater plant selection, please visit us at the Farm.
Kathy is available to speak about a variety of herb related topics to special groups both here and at your meetings. Call for details.

Juicing wheatgrass was started in the 1950's by Ann Wigmore. Her story is fascinating. The essence is that she was a Boston resident of Lithuanian descent who suffered from a variety of ailments in her early life. Drawing on her peasant background and the experiences of her grandmother (a self taught naturalist), she healed herself with wild weeds, herbs and greens. She consumed many different types of greens and also fed the same to her animals. Her observations led her to conclude that wheatgrass was the best source of greens.   Ann Wigmore later formed the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston and worked with thousands of people over the years. Visitors to the institute were thrilled with their results and many of the health retreats across the country were formed by former Hippocrates clients.
We, at Deer Creek Farm, daily, drink wheatgrass juice and highly recommend it to others. For high quality wheatgrass juice, flash frozen and delivered directly to you home,

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Antique 1915 Gruber Box Wagon
In Storage for the Past 30 Years

'Own a piece of Berks County History'

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