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Deer Creek Herb Farm
Here are a few of the reviews we have received from our customers.  If you would like to add your review, please send your comments in the Contact Us box.  Thank you!
"Always something new to learn"
This store is a hidden treasure. There is much to see here in the quaint buildings that comprise the "Herb Farm." The beautiful colors of the dried flowers hanging above and all around and the wonderful scent of herbs stimulate the mind and imagination. It reminds one of a simpler time, but not so long ago, a time when folks used the plants around them to their full benefits. 
Deer Creek Herb Farm is an enjoyable shop with many herbs that I need either in fresh (plants to grow at your home) or dried form. Kathy, the owner, is very informative and having been a former teacher she is easy to learn from. She is quite passionate about the earth and learning. Always enjoyable conversation when I visit the herb farm. She has much knowledge about medicinal herbs as well as many other topics.
This shop is an excellent place to find useful gifts for loved ones or to splurge for yourself. 
Aside from wonderfully hand blended teas (of which I have sampled many and will attest to their deliciousness and or effectiveness depending on the kind/purpose) there are many options ranging from soaps to her own imaginatively created dried arrangements and wreaths. 
Kathy also offers an assortment of classes throughout the year. Be sure to sign up for her email list so that you won't be missing out on up and coming events!
-Deanna Meyer, repeat customer since moving to Mohnton in 2009. 

Customer Reviews for Deer Creek Herb Farm
I, too, went to the wreath making class on Sunday. It was my first visit there. Kathy and Jess were both very nice and hospitable. The class was fun and even though I had never made a wreath before, mine was nice. She plans other classes throughout the year and I plan to return to learn about other things. The next on is about making your own herb flavored vinegars. Great for the cooks who want to economize. Also should be nice to be given as gifts for those who plan ahead for Birthdays and Christmas. I am greatly looking forward to more classes. Bring your friends. The shop and gardens were lovely and interesting, and the farm has a long and varied history. Check their website and take a Sunday drive and check them out. See you there. 

"Wreath making class"

Wreath making class very relaxing and many helpful suggestions. 5 stars 
-Anne Thomas

"Great class"
This is one of my favorite shops to go to for unusual and wonderful items. We buy all our spring herbs and plants there. Kathy and Jess are great to deal with and are ever so helpful with ideas. This is a must on your shopping list or just to treat yourself with something special. -Bernie Stamm

"Wonderful shopping"
I have lived in Brecknock for almost 9 years...and because of timing issues...never really got to know this hidden gem until today~~~ If you are looking for fresh herb plants or dried herbs or even hand blended teas and dips....this is the place to go! Kathy the owner is very knowledgeable and the shop has more than I ever could have imagined! Today for the first time ever...I had the chance to blend together my own tea at one of the many workshops she offers. Let me tell you...I just had a cup and it's FABULOUS! Check it out! It's a hidden gem that I know will win your heart!
Michelle S.
Hello, we had stopped by on the first friday of the Best Kept Secrets Tour. So far my allergies are being kept to a minimum by using the raw honey and the Seasonal Discomfort tea. This has been the 1st year w/o allergy pills, still have a runny/stuffed nose-but had that, but worse, when I took pills. Now, at least, I'm off the pills and it's still not as bad as before. Thanks - K. U. Lamar, PA